What is the most efficient way to meet Disneyland characters?

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Southern California: beaches, warm weather, outdoor activities, and for most, traveling to Southern California equates to paying a visit to the world renowned Disneyland. And for those that have children, it takes more effort than simply going on a few rides to keep all family members entertained. Meeting Disneyland characters is typically a must for most Disney-goers, and planning out how to meet those characters should be as important to you as meeting the characters is to your little ones. But doing so is extremely doable as long as you take the right steps. Here are the three most efficient ways to meet Disneyland characters:

For those not familiar with The Disneyland Resort, planning out a trip to suit every family member’s needs can be quite challenging, as you have several trip-related aspects to be concerned about. The first step is to look up the Disneyland show times and schedules. Online you can find a general description of the shows and parades, what characters will be involved, and what days of the week and times the shows will be performed. This is highly beneficial, as several of the shows Disneyland has to offer include Disney characters, and more than likely you will be able to check more than one off of your list. As a bonus, Disneyland hires high-quality talent, and while you're seeing the characters, you’re also watching a quality production.

Additionally, the Walt Disney Company has made it efficient to partially plan your day once you have arrived at the parks. Two important tools to utilize when searching for characters are the highly-knowledgeable cast members (or employees) and the high tech Disneyland app. The Disneyland cast members are constantly in different areas of the parks, and if they do not know where the character you wish to meet is located, they have the resources to find out. The Disneyland app is another great tool, as you can type in specifically which character you wish to locate, and a list of times for meet and greets that include that character will appear.

It is important to plan out which Disneyland characters you will be meeting before you plan out which attractions you wish to ride. This order is imperative, as the characters are not out during all parks hours like the attractions are. The characters have very specific schedules, and missing them by even a minute can mean not being able to meet that character. By planning out which characters you wish to meet, you can then decide to go on rides that are in the general area as those characters.

Planning a trip to Disneyland can seem stressful, especially if your trip involves little ones. It does not, however, have to be monotonous. By making a list of all the characters that your group wishes to see, planning your trip beforehand as well as doing some research while in the park, and placing priority on meeting characters above riding attractions, being able to meet Disneyland characters is not only simple, but enjoyable.

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